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ALT-BERG - The Yorkshire Bootmakers

By Alec Finch

Alt-Berg are the best boots makers on the planet if you ask me and I know from experience if you are wearing a pair of boot’s for long periods of time, especially in extreme conditions; you need to be comfortable and a boot of endurance , which stands the test of time.

The company is the only bootmaker left in the United Kingdom, their craftsmanship skills are a second to none.
April this year, I had the pleasure of visiting them in Richmond, North Yorkshire, with a current serving soldier, who travelled all the way up from East Anglia. I was wearing my trusty Aqua Defender Boots, and he was wearing another type of boot from another ‘Stock Manufacturer’.

Chris gave him a boot fitting and he bought a pair on the spot, as we were off to Kettlewell to do some caving and this serving soldier said “my feet never felt better” and he was converted!

Chris then, gave me a boot fitting too, so thank you Chris! The care and attention was truly marvellous. I do have some disabilities namely; neck and spinal injuries, including hip issues so posture is important including ankle support.

Chris looked after me so well, and I bought a Norway Boot that was made for me, as one’s feet changes with age. They were delivered to me in late September; so it was well worth the wait as it has improved my health.

We were also given a tour of the factory and the professionalism is quite remarkable and something to be admired indeed.

They make boots for Ladies and Gentleman, Military, Police, Motorcyclists, Walker’s Hikers and custom made boots for anything. They also offer fitting services throughout the UK and have local stockists.
Please visit http://www.altberg.co.uk/fitting

Another ex-soldier I spent time with doing Bushcraft in Somerset, can hardly walk without insoles. He bought a pair of Alt-Berg boots off a stockist and he is converted too.

It is vitally important that you do not buy bad footware in my own opinion. There is such a thing called ‘buyers ‘remorse’; that is ‘investing in something with trust’ then only to find out the quality is sub-standard.

Gloria Hunniford once said, “Her mother told her, always invest in a good bed and good shoes, as if you are not in one, you are in the other”.

To finally sing your praises; I spoke to the main PR Dept. for Help for Heroes and I did mention that Alt-Berg are awesome, as they care about not just one’s feet but the person.

That is why you have a free banner on Flux Radio and they wanted to see my review online. You looked, after me so I am just returning the favour.

You get a 5 Star rating

Contact details for ALT-BERG
UNIT 2B Racecourse Road,
Gallowfields Trading Estate.
North Yorkshire
DL10 4TG

Telephone: 01748 850615 or 01748 824717

Website: http://www.altberg.co.uk

Email: sales@altberg.co.uk


Becketts Adventure

Becketts Adventure is situated in Norwich and offers a huge selection of equipment and clothing for any adventure or expedition, which makes them an excellent choice as your one stop shop.

Whether you are interested in back-packing, bushcraft, camping, canoeing, hiking, or a survival enthusiast Becketts’ pretty much have it covered and they also supply British Army Surplus, US military Surplus, European Army Surplus, clothing, tools and accessories.

With over 60 years’ experience, they can offer sound advice whatever corner of the world you plan to visit and if they do not stock an item; the staff are more than likely able to source it for you in record time and have it delivered.

The ‘can do’ attitude speaks louder than words with this company; but conversely, if they cannot supply something; they will tell you straight rather than leaving you hanging from a shoe-string with false hopes.

Furthermore, if they cannot forfill a request, they will freely recommend you to another competitor/supplier, which is totally unselfish of them.

Finally; whatever your adventure or needs; feel free to email in with your existing kit and where you are travelling to and get a second opinion of what you might have overlooked!

Besides; it is a little bit too late stuck up in the Alps for example and wishing you had a Jet boil to make a brew!

Becketts: 01603 613466. Email: sales@armynnavy.com and website: http://www.armynnavy.com



















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